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We are College of Business Analysis and Compliance Studies based in Nigeria. A leading institute on corporate business analysis and compliance training and certifications duly registered by Corporate Affairs Commission. The college is established to bridge the gap between corporate organizations and the statutory regulations by providing business analysis and compliance education to address issues of multiple and diverse business regulatory laws for corporate sustainability, achieving highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals through training and retraining, research and exchange programs that contribute in repositioning the institute for global relevance. The institute stands to create a pool of business resources (techniques to regulate the training of competent compliance officers, corporate analysts, enterprise managers and other professionals) in line with the Companies and Allied matters Acts (CAMA), 2020, which is the Nigerian grand corporate law, and such other regulations as; finance Act, procurement Act, tax and related issues, pension and several other regulations. The college stands to develop and train the required manpower such as corporate and business analysts, regulatory and compliance managers, strategic entrepreneurs, and other related professionals in order to meet the dynamic business environment.

As a foremost institute for building human capacity with in-depth knowledge and skills on corporate matters, statutory compliance and sound ethical values that promote corporate image and sustainability, the College is also in affiliations and collaborations with reputable organisations and professional bodies. Our mission is to produce world-class manpower with skills and competence for corporate renaissance and regulatory compliance for business growth and sustainability.

Certified Corporate Analysts (CCA)

Certified Corporate Analysts course is designed to equip candidates with knowledge and skills to assess and evaluate corporate operational policy and productivity through data analytical tools and techniques, decision models and regulatory standards and provisions for corporate growth and stability.  This curriculum is fashioned to suit job description and roles for Corporate Analysts in all sectors of the economy. Successful candidates are admitted into membership of the College of Business Analysis and compliance Studies, Nigeria based on experience and course performance.  The course is designed into thirteen skills and competence areas as follows:

  •  Introduction to Corporate Analysis
  • Legal Framework for Business Structure.
  • Corporate Communication and elicitation techniques.
  • Corporate Competence Analysis
  •  Environmental and global business analysis and decision models.
  •  Corporate strategy and governance structure
  •  Fundamentals of accounting and financial statement analysis
  •  Financing and Appraisals
  •  Budgeting and forecasting
  •  Corporate performance evaluation and change management
  •  Enterprise human capacity management
  •  Strategic marketing technique
  •  Contemporary issues in corporate development
  •  Business Proposal, Feasibility study and Business Plan

Certified Compliance Professionals (CCP) 

Certified Compliance Professional course is a masterclass course designed to equip candidates with practical knowledge and skills on business/corporate regulations, corporate social responsibilities, corporate policies and ethics, corporate decision models, compliance awareness, compliance evaluation and assessment, compliance implementation and reporting. This course provides a comprehensive business/ corporate compliance education in Nigeria economy. The course is designed for candidates whose duties, career, profession require application of Nigeria business regulations. Candidates are trained to suit job descriptions for Compliance Officers/professionals. Also, for candidates in the field of accounting, banking, finance, economics, administration, engineering, business owners and executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in practice. Successful candidates are admitted into membership of the college of Business Analysis and compliance Studies, Nigeria based on experience and course performance. The course is designed into fourteen (14) skills and competence areas as follows:

  •  Introduction to corporate compliance
  •  Legal framework of Business structure
  •  Legal and Regulatory framework of compliance in Nigeria
  •  Internal compliance measures
  •  Corporate governance and social responsibilities
  •  Compliance ethics
  •  Analysis of CAMA 2020 Enterprise issues
  •  Tax Analysis and compliance
  •  Procurement Act analysis and compliance
  •  Employees’ safety, welfare and compensation
  •  Other compliance Acts in Nigeria
  •  Negotiation and mediation fundamentals
  •  Anti-money laundering and Terrorism Financing
  •  Contemporary issues on compliance
  • International Standard Organization and Independent Quality Assurance

Certified Enterprise Manager (CEM)

Certified Enterprise Managers course is designed to equip candidates with the modern skills and techniques to cope with the multifaceted enterprise challenges and to enhance global business opportunities for economic growth. Successful candidates in this course are admitted into membership of the College based on the experience and course performance. The course is designed into thirteen (13) skills and competence areas.


  •  Introduction to Enterprise Management
  •  Enterprise legal framework and structure
  •  Enterprise Competence Analysis
  •  Enterprise Environmental Analysis and Decision Models
  •  Enterprise Risk Management
  •  Governance and ethics
  •  Fundamentals of Accounting and Financial statement analysis
  •  Financing and Appraisal
  •  Enterprise Evaluation and change management
  •  Enterprise communication, elicitation and Business Reporting
  •  Enterprise marketing strategies
  •  Enterprise automation and information system
  •  Contemporary issues on Enterprise management
  •  Business Proposal, Feasibility study and Business Plan
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